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Like any destination wedding, a Las Vegas ceremony can be a positive and negative experience for couples that are leaving their loved ones behind. If you’re planning a wedding in Sin City, you should take a look at our guide to getting married in Las Vegas:

Wedding Etiquette Rule #1 – Tell Your Loved Ones

It doesn’t matter whether you’re eloping or celebrating with hundreds of guests: you need to let your loved ones know that you are getting married in Las Vegas. Send wedding invitations to your closest family and friends, the people that you would never leave out of your wedding day. You can send wedding announcements to everyone else when you get back home.

Wedding Etiquette Rule #2 – Stick To Your Budget

If you and your fiancé are paying for your wedding by yourselves, you need to think about the toll that an expensive ceremony could take on your marriage. You don’t want to start your life as a newlywed couple with thousands of dollars in credit card debt; create a realistic budget that you will be able to stick to on your wedding day.

If a family member is paying for the wedding, you should be just as considerate of their needs. Talk to them about the expenses that they are about to incur, and set a spending limit that they can agree with.

Wedding Etiquette Rule #3 – Give Your Guests A Price Tag

You are responsible for the costs of your ceremony and your reception, but your guests should be expected to pay for their own travel arrangements, outfits, and hotel accommodations. If you are going to invite your loved ones to your destination wedding, you should tell them the total cost for their airline tickets, clothing, and hotel rooms as soon as they express interest.

Mon Bel Ami The Wedding of Caleb and Megan April 27, 2018 @ 7pm

Wedding Etiquette Rule #4 – Take Pictures

You may have all of the guests that you want at your Las Vegas wedding, but you will still have family members, friends, and acquaintances that won’t be able to attend. Hire a wedding photographer to take pictures of your ceremony at a Las Vegas wedding chapel; you can use the photos in your wedding announcements, and your loved ones will feel like they were really there.

 Mon Bel Ami The Wedding of Tony and Nina October 16, 2017 @ 7pm - Vimeo thumbnail

Wedding Etiquette Rule #5 – Throw A Hometown Celebration

If you have a small ceremony at a Las Vegas wedding chapel, you can still have a large reception when you return home. You can find a special venue for your party, or you can hold your shindig at your apartment complex: either way, you’ll give your family and friends the opportunity to celebrate your wedding day with you!

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