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Are you getting married this year? Take a look at the top ten wedding trends for 2018!

#1 Have A Destination Wedding

Couples are traveling to other cities, states, and countries to tie the knot! There are millions of scenic venues in the United States and abroad, and all-inclusive wedding packages have made beach ceremonies, mountain retreats, and Las Vegas wedding chapels more accessible than ever before.

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#2 Keep It Small

One of the biggest wedding trends in 2018 is the shift toward smaller ceremonies! Couples are shortening their guest lists by focusing on their immediate family and friends (and saving thousands of dollars in the process).

#3 Keep It Green

Brides are incorporating ferns and wooden accents into their floral arrangements, creating a rustic environment for their rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, and receptions.

 #4 Use Bold Colors

In the past, neon lights were associated with nightclubs, shopping malls, and Las Vegas wedding chapels… but not anymore! Bright flowers, colorful foods, and custom neon signs have become one of the most popular wedding trends in 2018.

#5 Make It Pop

Wedding coordinators are replacing large floral centerpieces with balloons, designing one-of-a-kind displays that will stand out in any venue.

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#6 Try New Foods

Latin American, Asian, and African meals have become staples in the wedding industry! Taco stands and sushi bars are replacing the gourmet food that is typically served at rehearsal dinners and receptions.

#7 Try New Gowns

Black accents, capes, and long sleeves are extremely popular right now, and brides are searching for accessories that will stand out on their wedding day.

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#8 Try On Crowns

Brides are wearing tiaras of all shapes and sizes, and designers like Maria Elena, Tania Mara, and Bel Air Brides have created their own line of wedding headpieces for women.

#9 Choose Desserts

As food allergies become more common in children and adults, brides are buying dessert stands that will complement their wedding cakes. When they dedicate an entire table to cupcakes, macaroons, and candy, their guests can choose the treats that they like the best.

#10 Create A Cash Registry

Thousands of couples have asked their guests to contribute money instead of wedding gifts. When their wedding day ends, they will have the financial support that they need to start their life as a married couple

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