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Wedding planning can be stressful! There are millions of things to obsess over as you prepare for your wedding day, and we want to help you enjoy the planning process. We’ve created a list of the biggest fears that our clients have faced, and we’ve included some tips that you can use to avoid stress on your wedding day!

The Dress

Your Fear: On the morning of your wedding, you’ll pull your dress off of its velvet hanger with an army of bridesmaids in tow. They’ll help you as you pull it on, fastening every hook and buttoning every button…until someone realizes that it won’t fit. When your ceremony takes place that afternoon, you won’t be able to wear your wedding dress as you walk down the aisle!

Our Solution: If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a wedding dress, you shouldn’t be worried about stains, snags, or stretch marks! Make sure that you have enough time to have it altered and cleaned before you say “I do”.

The Weather

Your Fear: As you drive to your rehearsal dinner, your phone will start to buzz. The National Weather Service will send an alert to every cell phone in the area, because a hurricane is on its way! Twenty-four hours later, you’ll be leaving Houston with your fiancé…your wedding will have to be postponed.

Our Solution: It doesn’t matter whether you’re holding your wedding at a southern mansion or one of Las Vegas’ wedding chapels: bad weather can ruin any ceremony. Make sure that you choose the right venue for the time of year and location of your ceremony, and if possible, have a back up plan for rain, snow, or severe wind.


The Guests

Your Fear: You’ll send out one-hundred wedding invitations, but only ten guests will RSVP. On the day of your wedding, you’ll look at all of the empty chairs and wonder if anyone will show up!

Our Solution: Follow up with any guests that haven’t RSVP’d via phone, and pick a day and time for your wedding ceremony that will work for everyone. A Wednesday night ceremony at one of Las Vegas’ wedding chapels may be less expensive, but your loved ones may not be able to attend if they can’t get vacation time.

The Time

Your Fear: You’ll open your eyes and look at the alarm clock on the other side of the room. If it says that it’s 3 PM in the afternoon, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do…your ceremony was supposed to start fifteen minutes ago!

Our Solution: Ask a member of your bridal party or your day-of-the-wedding coordinator to wake you up on your wedding day. If you miss your alarm, you’ll still make it to the church on time!

The Joy

Your Fear: You’ll handle every detail on your own, including vendor payments, catering, and trash pickup on the day of your wedding. When leave the reception hall at 3 AM in the morning, you’ll wish that you had eloped!

Our Solution: You shouldn’t worry about credit cards and wilted flowers on your wedding day! Give your to-do list to your day-of-the-wedding coordinator so you can enjoy your wedding with your spouse, family, and friends.

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