The Best Wedding Cake Trends Of 2018 - Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel

It doesn’t matter whether you’re throwing a lavish party or an intimate celebration at our Las Vegas wedding chapel: your wedding cake will be the highlight of your reception. Here are eight wedding cakes that you can have on your wedding day!

Geode Cakes are magnificent, with multiple tiers of jewels that stand out in any room. The rocks are made from edible crystals that taste as good as they look!

Drip Cakes are making a comeback! Instead of choosing one flavor for their wedding cakes, brides are adding chocolate, fruit, or caramel sauce to one-of-a-kind cake recipes; their eye-catching Drippers are changing the way that we view this traditional dessert.

Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel Wedding Cake

Metallic Cakes are one of the biggest wedding cake trends of 2018! Cake decorators are using glitter, paint, and embroidery to turn their wedding cakes into opulent desserts.

Marble Cakes have been around for years, but this wedding cake trend has put a new twist on one of our favorite treats. Instead of marbling the inside of the cake, brides are looking for cake decorators that will add a marble finish to the fondant. The result is as beautiful, elegant, and timeless as the stone itself.

Hand-Painted Cakes are more than desserts: they are one-of-a-kind sculptures that will stand out on your wedding day. In country clubs, banquet halls, and Las Vegas wedding chapels, cake decorators are using edible paint to transform their wedding cakes into works of art.

Geometric Cakes are made from ingredients of all shapes and sizes. Brides are looking for cakes that stand out, and the clean lines and bold patterns on a geometric cake are more appealing than traditional designs.

Black Cakes have become one of the most popular wedding cake trends of 2018! Cake decorators are using metallic accents to make their wedding cakes pop in a crowded reception space.

Naked Cakes are a traditional favorite, and brides are looking for new ways to incorporate them into their receptions. Like many of our clients, you can add a thin layer of icing to satisfy your sweet tooth on your wedding day.

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